Fire Response team

The Thomas Fire in now the largest fire in California history. All of us have been affected in some way, from the poor air quality to loss of income from tourism to over 100 families in our Valley losing their homes. Ojai Presbyterian Church is responding to this disaster in a number of ways:


Fire Relief Fund

This fund is designed to meet some ongoing needs of people/families of the Thomas Fire.   We are focused on helping primary victims that suffered direct losses from the fire as well as secondary victims from losses associated with the fire.  A team has been formed in order to take names, make contact, and distribute funds using the following criteria. 

Criteria to be used:

  • Our goal is to use all the funds received to help both primary and secondary victims of the Thomas Fire identified by OPC congregants
  • Recipients will be within the geographical area of the Ojai Valley to Thomas Aquinas College / Foster Park on the south end / 150 to County Line and up to the 33 going North
  • On a rolling basis, we will identify needs and distribute funds until depleted or the cutoff date of January 15
  • Our goal is to distribute all funds received within 30 days (by January 15)
  • We will coordinate with HELP of Ojai and other organizations in the Valley to use our resources most effectively
  • For immediate needs we have established a cap of $500 per family until complete list is established
  • We also have additional resources such as gift cards for help with gas and groceries that are not subject to the above criteria. 
  • We will do our best to contact every person/family identified by the congregation and help them if we are able

Additionally the church is committed to helping Teen Challenge, a Christian Substance Abuse Recovery Facility located in Casitas Springs. 

If you would like to contact the committee click the link to send us an email. 


The Mission Committee and Deacons ministry will continue to assess needs for relief after the Fire Response Team is dispersed. Additional funds that are designated for Fire Relief after January 15th will go into a special fund that Deacons and Mission committee will be able to use for long term fire relief efforts. These will include direct funds to those in need, gift cards, and other supplies, and work parties and clean up efforts. 

Please check out the patio boards for ways to get involved and needs you can help us meet. 

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