Sunday School

Ojai Presbyterian Kids Ministry happens at the 9:15am service in the Sunday School Courtyard area. Classes are available for nursery-6th grade students. 

Sunday School Schedule:

Every Sunday: Children 0-3 may be checked in to Sunday School at the check in table as early as 9am and join their teachers in the nursery room, and  be picked up after the 9:15 service in their classroom and checked out again at the table. 

1st Sunday of every month (Communion Sunday): all children 5 years old (entering Kindergarten) and older do not have Sunday School. These children stay in church with their families the entire church service. We have busy boxes available for busy little hands to use during the service and to be returned at the end of the service. These white busy boxes are at the back of the church on a labeled shelf. 

Every Sunday except the 1st Sunday of the month (Communion Sunday): Children 3 years old and older attend church with their families until the all-kid dismissal to Sunday School (about 15 minutes into the 9:15 service). Parents walk down the kitchen hallway to the Sunday School check in table behind the kitchen to sign in their child. Then they walk the child down to his/her classrooms with the Sunday School teachers. 

After the 9:15 church service, please remember to return to your child's Sunday School classroom first to pick up your children and then come to the check out table to check out each of your children. Please remember to use the marked gates with signs to enter and exit the Sunday School courtyard area.

Questions? Contact Brittany Dutter our Director of Children's Ministry

OPC Children's Ministry Faq's

It's my first time at Ojai Presbyterian Church! What do I do when I arrive?

Please stop by the church welcome center in front of church and they will assist you to the Sunday School child check in area. Look for our bright blue t-shirts worn by the Children's Ministries team around church! They can assist you at any time! Sunday School is only offered at 9:15am. After completing the registration card at the Sunday School check in table at 9am, you and your child will have your picture taken for our secure check in/out process. Parents can leave to go attend church while your child attends JAM (kids worship music time), followed by Sunday School. When church is dismissed please come back to the Sunday School Courtyard and pick up your child from their classroom before checking them out with our secure check out at the sign up table. 

Where are classes located?

Our nursery thru 4th grade Sunday School classrooms are all located in our Sunday School Courtyard down the kitchen hallway (please follow the signs). There is one entrance/exit for child check out!

Is there a security system in place?

Yes, there are a number of systems and policies in place to ensure safety for all children. When you check in your child we always make sure your picture in sin our database along with your child's picture; and only allow those people with pictures in our database to check children out!

Is it safe to leave my child with your volunteers?

All of our Children's Ministry volunteers have had a background check and complete training. We strive to have the safest possible environment in all classrooms. 

What if my child needs me during the church service?

If for any reason your child needs you during the service if you provide us with your cell phone number at registration we can page you via text messaging.

What if my child is sick or was sick recently?

Parents will be requested to refrain from bringing their child to Sunday School if their child has a temperature or has had a temperature within the last 24hours, has a rash, or diarrhea.

What if my child is upset at drop off?

If a child was upset when being dropped off we encourage the parents to go to church. We let the parents know that if the child is crying or upset for other 10 to 15 minutes we will text you with the phone number you left on the sign in sheet.

Will my child's photo be taken?

In order to keep current, or Children's Ministry is now using many avenues of social media. This enables us to post pictures of all the great things that happen Sunday morning at Ojai Presbyterian Church and at special events. Please be advised that your child's picture may be used on a social media site. Children will not be tagged or identified on these sites. If you do not want your child's picture posted to any social media site please contact Brittany Dutter

How can I serve in Children's Ministries at Ojai Presbyterian Church?

There are many opportunities for serving at Ojai Presbyterian Church. Please contact Brittany Dutter for opportunities.